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why Heroes Sandals

Sensing the earth through direct physical contact is the most natural human condition. If this is what you always wanted, Heroes Sandals can restore this feeling for you. Heroes Sandals are like a second skin on your feet (thanks to our innovative Second Skin Technology). They keep your feet as close as possible to the ground.


With a fine balance between feeling and not feeling you’re wearing sandals, Heroes Sandals let you to move naturally and walk for miles on any terrain.

So… walk in them; appreciate the new sensation of the sandals that seem not to be there.

Heroes Sandals:-


  • Make you step out of your comfort zone.

  • Rekindle the passion of your experiences.

  • Bring you closer to land and nature.

  • Reset your body to its natural movement.

  • Heighten the enjoyment you derive from anything you do.

  • Stimulate you to do things differently.

  • Get you thrilled up to the experience.

  • Get you going on an adventure.

  • Challenge you with something new and wonderful.

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