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Guarantee and customer service


Guarantee Policy

  • We believe in Heroes Sandals (or Heroes for short). Therefore, our guarantee covers all material defects in production and raw materials for a period of eight (8) months from the date of purchase.

  • Although Heroes Sandals are made of the best materials available, predicting their precise lifetime is difficult. Wear and tear varies according to individual use, including frequency and type of use, body weight, load carried, type of ground surface, walking / running patterns, maintenance regime, climate, and other parameters.

  • Under our guarantee we commit to replace, repair or otherwise treat your Heroes Sandals our discretion.


The following are not included in our guarantee policy:


  • Custom-made Heroes Sandals: where these are returned in accordance with our refund / replacement policy, we commit to finding the most appropriate solution for you, including partial refund.

  • Natural and reasonable wear and tear of the raw materials, with no material defect in production.

  • Damage caused by unusual wear, inproper use or inproper maintenance.

  • Damage caused by neglect.

  • Damage caused by excessive heat.

  • Damage caused by storage and maintenance contrary to the conditions stated in the directions.

  • Damage caused by individual attempts to "improve" the product, such as cutting, punching, tearing, etc.

  • No guarantee on velcro.



Recommended Maintenance


  • Heroes Sandals can be cleaned using a damp cloth and soap, and/or washing the straps with water.

  • Do not machine wash; do not tumble dry.

  • Dry the sandals in open air.

  • Do not expose to external sources of heat, such as home heaters, campfires, hair dryers, etc.

  • Do not expose the sandals to direct heat;

  • Do not leave the sandals in closed spaces that accumulate heat, such as closed vehicles, tins left in the sun, etc.

  • Although the sandals are extremely flexible, they are not to be folded fold or rolled as this action will destroy their unique shape (this is even more important with the custom-made model)

  • When transporting the sandals let them hang outside your bag or place them inside the bag without folding them.

  • When not in use (if this is ever the case!), wear them from time to time to maintain the materials in flexible condition (this includes occasional walking in them in the house).

  • Hanging is the best way to store the sandals (after cleaning them). Avoid stuffing the sandals in a bag.

  • After a walk on the beach wash the sandals in fresh water (not seawater) using a brush to remove any sand accumulated in the joining points of the sandals.

  • Treating your sandals well will prolong their life (isn’t it true for everything in life?)



Return policy


  • Only unused Heroes Sandals can be returned for replacement (e.g. wrong size, raw materials defect and/or production issue). Returned sandals must show no signs of wear and tear.

  • The sandals can be returned within 14 days of purchase and/or proof of purchase. We consider each case according to the specific circumstances and attempt to propose the most appropriate solution.

  • When returning the sandals, be sure to include your contact details.



Policy regarding repairs and/or replacement under the guarantee


When sending sandals for examination under the guarantee (due to raw material or production defect), the following rules must be observed:


  • The sandals must be clean and dry. Dirty sandals will not be accepted.

  • Shipping cost for the sandals shall be covered by the sender.

  • A copy of the proof of purchase must be attached.

  • All contact details must be enclosed (first and last names, mobile number and email address are mandatory).

  • A written description of the problem must be enclosed.

  • Do not send us the sandals before coordinating with us.

  • Depending on the type of repair, it may be necessary that the customer incurs part of the cost of repair not covered under the guarantee. When this is the case, we inform the customer in advance to obtain consent for proceeding with the repair.

  • Return delivery fee is on the customer.





  • If you wish, the sandals can be delivered to you by Israel Postal Company. You will be charged for the delivery according to the postal service rates.

  • You can also collect the sandals from us, based on prior coordination.

  • We do our best to supply the product as speedily as possible subject to availability and the customer’s destination. We undertake to deliver the sandals to the post office within 10 to 14 business days from the date of the order and payment.

  • We are not responsible for any disruptions or delay in the postal and/or courier service.


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