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Every hero has a story. What's yours?


Heroes love to ramble and explore new and unfamiliar places. Heroes love to be free, discover new people and places even if they haven't really looked for them.


Heroes Sandals were born out of a love for adventure and a desire to experience earth in a way that is different and better than the way we are accustomed to. If you believe in natural movement, Heroes Sandals are for you. They are meant for people who love to feel the ground under their feet!


We want you to feel Heroes Sandals are the second skin of your feet. For this reason, we maximize your contact with the ground in your natural condition to the extent possible. Our technology enhances the feet’s ability to sense the ground, creating the ultimate contact experience between you and the terrain. To achieve this, Heroes Sandals are handcrafted to order, with each pair receiving the full measure of love and care.

If you want to experience the different features of the ground, be it the desert’s sand, hard rocks, gravel, pebbles and soil as well as man-built sidewalks and asphalt surfaces – Heroes Sandals are for you.


We believe there is a hero in everyone. Step into our Heroes Sandals and set free the hero in you.

Heroes sandals - walk with, feel without!!

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