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Custom Fit Heroes!

Admittedly, words fail us when we try to describe how it feels to wear customized Heroes Sandals for the first time. Make no mistake: we have no intention of correcting your walk. In giving you a tailor-made product we are allowing the Heroes to become part of your walking experience instead of being just another sandal. The most common feedback we receive is that it is just like wearing a broken-in shoe that has been molded to the foot.


We reproduce the shape of your feet by 3D scanning of it and fabricating the sandal from the 3D printed parts. The result is a unique arch in each sandal, suited to only one foot and one singular person. In a customized order, each person receives a pair of Heroes Sandals that suit their specific arches and no other.


Since the materials we use are flexible, the arch yields to the pressure of the foot with each step. In contrast to keeping the arch in a rigid position, our idea is to let the foot arch muscles work as they would in a bare foot, thus preventing it from degenerating. The arch is the body's natural shock absorber (something that regular footwear has made us forget) and the time has come to get it used to performing its natural function once again.


While we do not offer orthopedic solutions, the feedback from users of our customized sandals has been positive across the board.

we launched our 3D app in the AppStore

"Heroes Scanner"

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